Alan Daigre Designs: Our Studio/Workshop, Woodbury, TN


  • Rope Rockers, nearing completionWalnut & curly maple, walnut, patchwork, cherry
  • Alan Daigre Designs shopAfternoon light in the west room
  • Hand toolsThe right tools. In the right place.
  • Alan checks measurementGetting the rails just right on a rope rocker
  • Finishing touchesEvery piece is carefully hand finished with premium oil and wax.
  • Alan Daigre buffing patchwork piecesCarefully rounded edges on the patchwork make for a smooth ride.
  • Alan Daigre Designs shopA well-ordered shop
  • Alan Daigre Designs shopWe've got some heavy-duty machines too.
Rope Rockers, nearing completion1 Alan Daigre Designs shop2 Hand tools3 Alan checks measurement4 Finishing touches5 Alan Daigre sanding patchwork pieces6 Alan Daigre Designs shop7 Alan Daigre Designs shop8