Some of the notes we've received recently...

Hi Alan,

The chair is absolutely stunning! I have been spending half my time sitting in it, and the other half sitting across the room admiring it. It truly is a signature piece in our apartment and fits so beautifully in the library.

Thanks again for the care and beauty in the design and construction of the chair. It will be a prized part of our family for years, and likely generations.

All the best,

Buck B.

Hi Alan,

I absolutely adore my new rocking chair. I have had it in every room, deciding where it shall come to rest, and it is now residing in my sun room, waiting for the foot stool. It is so comfortable, and everyone that comes to my house has oohed and aahed over it and won't get out of the chair when it is time for them to go! Thank you again. I really love it.

Emmy M.

Hi Alan,

The chairs arrived safely and have been unpacked and are in our dining room. They are gorgeous as was the previous set. It reminds me to oil the previous because the new chairs have a glow to them. Thank you once again.

Larrene H.

Hey Alan,

I LOVE the rocker!!! And so does my husband. We've already started fighting over it. Maybe we need another one! Thanks so much for the delivery. A footstool is definitely in my future.

Martha B.


The chair arrived this week. My wife and I are very pleased with it. We have collected a series of chairs from various artisans over the years for our kitchen counter, and this is my wife's favorite for comfort!! How did you come with the design?

Frank G.

Hi Alan,

I was out of town when the rocker was delivered, and opened it this weekend. It is exceptional. The mango wood and face are downright haunting. I am not sure whether to sit in it or just stare at it! Any recommendations? Many thanks for such great work.

Roibin R.


I cannot tell you how delighted we are with the chair, which has become Bill's and that's okay. Sometimes I get to sit in my very own Alan chair! It fits both of us and is absolutely perfect in our living room......and i lovelovelovelove it. I hope everyone who has one of your chairs loves it as much as we do, and I can't imagine they don't. Blessings!

April M.


Thank you for the chairs. They are splendid. You are a wonderful craftsman and I am proud you are a fellow Louisianian.

Robert S.


Everyone really likes the chair. They have never seen one like it before.

Great job!

Paul Y.


The chair is wonderful. Even better than we remembered when we saw it in Asheville. Could not be happier with it.

Thanks much.

Mark W.


The crating and delivery were excellent and the rocker is well worth the wait. A very comfortable and beautiful piece of furniture. We will spend many hours together.


Bill P.